FREE Sock Knitting Pattern: Secret Shell Socks

“Secret Shell”, knit with handdyed sockyarn (75% Superwash Wool, 25% Polyamide), size 38/39, that’s about size 5,5/6 in the U.K. and size 7,5/8 in the U.S.)

Sockenwolle handgefärbt Mandarine

You need:

  • 1 skein of handdyed sockyarn (75% Superwash Wool, 25% Polyamide), here „Mandarine“, 100 g, ~420 m / 100 g, or any other comparable 4-ply sock yarn
  • A set of double pointed needles size Nr. 2,5 / U.S. size 1,5


Main pattern (charted): the chart is read from the right bottom to the left top.
You need a multiple of 10 stitches.

Repeat round 1 to 9.

Empty boxes = knit
U = Yo (yarn over)
2/ = k2tog = knit 2 stitches together

Kostenloses Sockenmuster Secret Shell


Loosely cast on 60 stitches, join in a ring and be careful not to twist stitches. Divide the stitches on four needles: 30 stitches on needle 1 and 10 stitches each on needle 2, 3 and four.

Knit the ribbing in purl stitches for five rounds.

Sockenwolle handgefärbt Mandarine


Knit the leg for six repetitions of the main chart or till the desired leg height is reached.

Sockenwolle handgefärbt Mandarine

Short-row heel:

Start knitting the heel on needle 1 (the one with the 30 stitches on it).

As the short-row heel is slightly shorter than a „usual“ heel, I always knit a heel flap when using this heel in a pattern: In the following 9 rounds knit the stitches on needle 1 in stockinette stitch and continue the main pattern on the other needles.

After finishing the heel-flap rounds knit a short-row heel.


Continue knitting in stockinette stitch on needle one and in pattern on needles two, three and four until desired length (here ~ 20 cm from heel).


Rearrange the stitches by dividing them evenly on four needles (15 stitches on each needle).

The toe is knit in stockinette stitch.

Round 1:

1. needle: knit until there are 3 stitches left, k2tog, knit the last stitch

2. needle: knit one stitch, SSK, knit the remaining stitches

3. needle: knit until there are 3 stitches left, k2tog, knit the last stitch

4. needle: knit one stitch, SSK, knit the remaining stitches

Round 2:

Knit around.

Continue in that way until there are 5 stitches remaining on each needle.


Use the kitchener stitch to graft the toe closed and weave in ends.

Variations for larger sizes:

For larger sizes the pattern can be easily adjusted:

Kostenloses Sockenmuster Secret Shell

Variation without „holes“:

The pattern can be knitted without holes. Instead of the „Yarn Overs“ you need to knit a „Make one“.


It is important to know, that the pattern tends to twist as all decreases are made in one direction. This effect is only noticeable on the foot, because the pattern is only knitted on the upper side. As on the leg the pattern is knitted around, the twisting doesn’t matter.

I blocked the socks to avoid the shifting. An alternative is to use the pattern only on the leg and not on the foot (knit it in stockinette stitch for example).